Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Displaying our innovations

by François Birgand

The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) at NC State was hosting a conference: "Stewards of the future: Research for Human Health and Global Sustainability".  Along with the conference, CALS hosted its Innovation Fair, where our team had two booths.  We are firm believers that new discoveries will come with news ways of obtaining data, and in particular will come from high time resolution data.  We decided to show our latest innovation in this field.

Randall Etheridge (Ph.D. student) and Brad Smith (Research Assistant - left and middle on the picture above) manned the booth entitled 'Capturing the perpetually changing world of a tidal marsh'.  A live demonstration of our multiplexer pumping system to measure water quality on a high frequency basis for up to 12 sources was displayed along with a poster and a slide show presenting preliminary results from our study coastal marsh near Beaufort, NC.

I manned the GaugeCam innovation booth entitled 'Hydrology for all: measuring water level using webcams'.  This booth had posters, videos, a slide show of how the system works and of results, live data streaming from the field and a display of the GaugeCam hardware.

Overall, we got some good feed back from the few people that did stop by.  I really think our presentations were very interactive and were among the better ones for that.  We did not capture enough interest though but we learned a lot from that nonetheless.  One day, all this will pay off!

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