Saturday, October 9, 2010

Constructing Weir Boxes

Hydrologists and Ecological Engineers often utilize weirs as a means to control water flow in open channels. Weirs are especially useful in research, when we want to measure the flow rate of water in a stream, canal or other open channel. As noted in this Wikipedia article, permanent construction (or removal) of weirs has ecological and environmental implications.

In the picture below, Dr. Birgand is working on a weir box which will soon be used in a field study of biogeochemical processes in streams.

This particular control structure contains a V-notch weir. It's easy to see where that name came from when you view the image below.

Here we are off to transport the weir boxes to their installation site.  Imagine the flow (volume per time) of water that will be passing through these boxes!  All in a day's work for Hydrological and Ecological engineers.

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