Saturday, February 14, 2009

Liquid Assets II

We watched Liquid Assets on DVD tonight. It is geared more toward Civil Engineering aspects of water supply, but these definitely tie into our interests. Think about sanitary sewer overflows, which often flow directly into natural streams.

Overall, this video is very interesting and educational. It gives a nice overview of how water systems work, as well as a lot of specific stories about the challenges that everyone faces, from small towns to large cities.

A couple tidbits:
- New York City's water supply, for the most part, is gravity fed from distant lakes through two huge tunnels.
- Las Vegas actually claims they are using less water despite rapid population increases in recent years.
- Lots of camera technology is being used to inspect pipes. Atlanta has video of thousands and thousands of feet of pipe. They can use it to compare current conditions to past conditions, etc.

Check out the Trailer.

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